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Hi! We’re Lost in Ohio. We are a record label. This is our mailing address:

Lost in Ohio, LLC
6809 Main St #256
Cincinnati, OH 45244-3470

Our primary retail distribution partner is Light in the Attic. If you would like to carry our releases in your shop, they can hook you up. If you’d like to place a larger (10+ unit) order, you can also contact us directly: info[at]lostinohio[dot]com

We love when we receive band demos and try to listen to most of them. Please understand that we are a boutique label focused primarily on vinyl releases. We have limited bandwidth in our release schedule and we cannot guarantee a response to your submission. If you’d like to send a demo, use the mailing address above or fill out the form below and include links to download your music. Do not email us audio files directly.

If you have any questions, thoughts or feedback for us, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!