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The Julies “Symmetry” EPK

The Julies Symmetry digital single cover

The Julies – “Symmetry”
The new single premieres June 2 on Bandcamp and all digital streaming platforms.

For review, premiere, feature consideration only: click here to download.
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Streaming Links: https://push.fm/fl/symmetry
Bandcamp: https://thejulies.bandcamp.com/album/symmetry-single

Sassy and noisy indie-pop made by Americans in love with British mope rockers.

Lars Gotrich (of NPR Music, Viking’s Choice)

[The Julies made] one of my favorite albums of the 90s, by a good distance.

J. Edward Keyes (of Bandcamp Daily)

The sort of propulsive, Brit-influenced indie-pop that would’ve been a smash throughout the indie blogosphere—had such a thing existed back in the mid-90s.

Jason Morehead (Opus Zine)

A pearl, a musical miracle [with] sparkling guitars, bass and drums…

Zacky Appiani (IndieForBunnies)

Shoved out of longstanding retirement status by a cult audience that was defiantly still vibing their signature ’90s EP release Lovelife, The Julies return more than two decades later with a new single, “Symmetry.” Anchored by the seismic guitars evocative of the ’90s they last occupied together as a band, “Symmetry” offers old fans a long-delayed glimpse of what could have been while welcoming newer fans into The Julies sound, which continues to mix influences from ’80s post-punk and new wave with ’90s shoegaze and indie rock.

To that point, the song is intentionally invitational. “It’s kind of our ‘calling all misfits’ song,” says vocalist Chris Newkirk. “We grew up on bands that embodied the outsider persona, and as fans we always found community in our shared wonder of their work. It just felt important to celebrate that motivation to make and share music right out of the reunion gate.”

It’s not quite a full reunion, The Julies reboot features three of the five original members—significantly, guitarists Alex Yost and Pat Zbyszewski, whose guitar work has always had a knack for finding instant, fluid synergies. It’s not a stretch to say that you can hear in “Symmetry” the onus for the guitars to now carry the band’s songs in addition to defining their sound. It’s that classic same-but-different sequel setup, and almost everyone likes a good sequel.

The Julies’ new single “Symmetry” can be found June 2 on Spotify, Bandcamp or wherever you stream good music.

* * *

The Julies were — and somehow are again — an American alternative/indie guitar band that mixes influences from ’80s post-punk and new wave with ’90s shoegaze, indie rock and britpop to create music that was, in the case of 1996’s Lovelife EP at least, singularly magical.

More than twenty years later, Lovelife‘s cult classic status was solidified with a vinyl reissue by record label Lost in Ohio, which prompted a majority of the band to reunite. What started off as a pandemic passion project quickly evolved into record-making. And now, after two 6-song EPs released in the ’90s, The Julies are astounding long-time fans by releasing their first new music in 27 years, recorded at Philadelphia’s Headroom Studios with Kyle Pulley, formerly of Thin Lips.