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Kickstarting Riverside’s dreamy ‘One’

Riverside is teaming up with Lost in Ohio for a Kickstarter to bring their beloved debut album One to vinyl for the first time! Join the Kickstarter now!

Philadelphia natives and former Sire recording artists Riverside are known for their dreamy, often melancholy rock, heavy on jangling guitars, shimmering and emotional tunes. Their debut One was a hit with critics and fans alike, with its British-influenced tones, reminiscent of bands like Echo & the Bunnymen and The Smiths. They also had a strong affinity with another area band The Ocean Blue (whose keyboardist Steve Lau produced One). Their songs “Cinnamon Eyes” and “Waterfall” were staples on college radio and MTV.

With recent sold-out shows with The Ocean Blue, and growing fan excitement, it’s the right time to bring this album back to the world in the format it deserves. Rising vinyl production costs and the intricacies of licensing from Warner Bros. make this a unique undertaking, so we’re asking for your help to make this happen!

Kickstarter rewards include:

  • Limited-edition vinyl in two color variants
  • Exclusive t-shirt and poster designs
  • Rare CDs from the bands’ earlier days

We at Lost in Ohio promise to deliver the highest possible quality sound and artwork. And we’ll keep you up to date as the project progresses! Join us on Kickstarter!