Morella’s Forest Super Deluxe reissued on vinyl!

Morella’s Forest were one of Ohio’s greatest musical exports of the ’90s. Hailing from Dayton, the same city that introduced the world to bands like Guided By Voices, Brainiac and The Breeders, they released four well-received albums that brought worlds of shimmering dream-pop conjured by a quartet of rust belt wizards.

Their debut album Super Deluxe was their noisiest and most spontaneous sounding release. After heavy stints of touring, the band holed up in the studio with engineers Christopher Colbert, Steve Hindalong and Bill Campbell. Two weeks later the band had enough material for Super Deluxe. The songs drew immediate comparisons to bands like My Bloody Valentine, The Breeders and label-mates Starflyer 59.

Looking back 26 years later, the songs sound as fresh and earnest as they did when they were first released. Lost in Ohio is excited to announce that it is being reissued in a new (super) deluxe edition. Original engineer Christopher Colbert (now a celebrated mastering engineer) will be preparing fresh remasters, and NPR Music’s Lars Gotrich will be writing liner notes featuring interviews with members of the band. Ohio-based photographer Nikki Nesbit has recreated the iconic Hot Wheels photos.

The vinyl record will be pressed (in both orange and in green) by our long-time partners at Record Industry, with lacquers cut at famed European shop The Vinyl Room. We will also make a short run of posters and t-shirts available, exclusively for those who back this Kickstarter campaign!

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Sixpence None the Richer’s This Beautiful Mess, remastered and reissued!

Lost in Ohio are pleased to announce the remastered reissue of Sixpence None the Richer’s sophomore album This Beautiful Mess. Pre-orders for the record launch today!

A few years before their single “Kiss Me” took over the airwaves, Sixpence None the Richer released their sophomore album This Beautiful Mess. While Sixpence is known primarily as a Top 40 Radio pop group, This Beautiful Mess shows off their more aggressive rock side. The album was critically acclaimed, and tracks “Within a Room Somewhere” and “I Can’t Explain” were popular radio singles.

Producer Armand Petri (10,000 Maniacs, Goo Goo Dolls) calls it, “One of my favorite albums that I have done.” Songwriter, guitarist and cellist Matt Slocum calls the five-piece lineup at the time the first “permanent” band of Sixpence’s early years. Unlike Sixpence’s prior work, the album was largely written on the road, with the band touring relentlessly at the time.

Slocum credits the sound of This Beautiful Mess to the diverse tastes of the band members, and the amount of time they spent in their van listening to Smashing Pumpkins, The Posies, Jeff Buckley, Sunny Day Real Estate, My Bloody Valentine and Sugar. Vocalist Leigh Nash says, “The dynamic at the time between members musically was great. I think the sum of everyone’s influences at the time made for a harder sound.”

Lost in Ohio, with the assistance of Slocum, is please to be reissuing this important album on Red & White double vinyl. The album has received a wonderful analog remaster from Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio. It is presented in a gatefold jacket, includes a fold-out lyric insert, and features never-before-seen photos of the band provided by photographer Ben Pearson. The original cover painting has been tracked down and freshly photographed, and looks absolutely stunning. The release includes thoughtful liner notes from NPR Music’s Lars Gotrich. Pre-orders are available now, and will ship on November 29!

For Sixpence fans who only know the band by their later hits, this promises to offer an insight into the bands early formative sound. For longtime fans of this album, the reissue provides stunning new visuals and a unique listening experience.

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Joey Joesph’s Nite Vibes available for pre-order!

Lost in Ohio are pleased to announce Nite Vibes, the new LP from Joey Joesph. Pre-orders for the record launch today!

Joey Joesph’s sixth full-length LP in five years is darker than its predecessors. Nite Vibes began with a handful of disco-inspired vignettes conceived in down time during serving shifts in back rooms of restaurants. But its full form wasn’t realized until the song “Believe in the Moonlight” was written and recorded at Sabbath Recording in Cincinnati with Jacob Merritt and Matt Latchaw. While writing the lyrics in the control room, “I’m no righteous man in holy robes … thinking of the child star,” the shape of the album finally became clear to Joey. This would be an origin story for his extra-dimensional, pop star alter-ego.

Nite Vibes, his David Bowie- and Walker Brothers-inspired concept album, sees release on vinyl and digitally on August 27, 2021 via Lost in Ohio, with pre-orders starting now.

For those unfamiliar with Joey Joesph, he fell in love with self-recording in 2005, shortly before helping to form the psych pop group Pomegranates. He was drawn to music from an early age but was overjoyed when he first heard Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The grandiose arch of the concept album format spoke to him. The discovery of David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust was another formative moment – the realization that it was okay to write as a character and reinforcing the concept album theme.

Bowie continued to be a steady inspiration; when Joey first heard his 1974 album, Diamond Dogs, it was so bizarre he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not (which is usually a good sign). After repeated listens Joey’s world was blown open by the paranoid, androgynous, melodramatic world created by the album, and returned to its moods for inspiration while working on his sixth album, Nite Vibes.