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Love Spirals Downwards’ classic ‘Flux’ is coming to vinyl

Lost in Ohio is excited to announce the coming vinyl release of Love Spirals Downwards’ fourth and final release, 1998’s celebrated Flux. The limited-edition white vinyl is shipping this spring, with pre-orders available now!

Rediscover the ethereal journey of Love Spirals Downwards’ Flux, beautifully remastered by Ryan Lum, on limited-edition white vinyl. This landmark 1998 album creates a lush, atmospheric soundscape that remains as captivating today as it was at its debut. Celebrated for its innovative blend of ethereal guitars, heavenly vocals, and pioneering breakbeats, Flux stands as a testament to the duo’s artistic evolution and enduring legacy.

The vinyl reissue brings new clarity and depth to the album’s intricate textures, from the skittering rhythms of “City Moon” to the haunting beauty of “Psyche,” showcasing Love Spirals Downwards’ unique fusing of genres. Included with the release are insightful liner notes by Jason Morehead of Opus Zine, offering an immersive dive into the creative process and impact of Flux.

Experience the beauty of Flux, all over again. Click here to order.