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Dead Leaf Echo are pleased to announce their third LP The Mercy of Women. Influenced by a pandemic-induced recording process that stretched over several years, Mercy shows Dead Leaf Echo exploring sounds that are both more intense and accessible than ever before. Long-know for their unique mixture of shoegaze and guitar-driven pop, The Mercy of Women will appeal to old and new fans alike.

LG Galleon started writing the songs that would become The Mercy of Women in 2017, shortly after the release of their last LP Beyond.Desire. In 2019 the band had just wrapped a tour of the West Coast, debuting some of the new songs in a stellar performance on KEXP’s “John in the Morning.” They flew back to New York to begin recording the album, with its release planned alongside a European tour in Autumn 2020. The pandemic scuppered the band’s plans, ultimately giving them breathing room to explore the structure and texture of the songs over the course of several years.

The album was recorded over multiple sessions at home and the practice studio, with final recordings at Studio G helmed by seasoned engineer Jeff Berner (Psychic TV, Kurt Vile). James Aparacio (Spiritualized, Depeche Mode) mixed, while Joe Lambert (Deerhunter, Moby) was brought in to master. Lacquers for the vinyl release were cut by Lex van Coeverden (David Bowie, Cocteau Twins).

The songs encapsulate the gift that the female of the species has given, from the dance hall Hacienda passion of album opener “BOO” to the forlorn forgiveness of the masses in “Forgivination.” Over a decade since their first release, Dead Leaf Echo continue to forge their own sound and find new levels of accessibility in their sound, with shoegaze-tinged tracks like “Call” and “Another Breath” destined for college radio rotations.

Destroy//Exist, in their premiere of lead single “Call”, describe the sound as “a mesmerizing blend of warm shoegaze, post rock, and psychedelic rock elements, showcasing the band’s continuously expanding musical prowess.”

  1. Boo
  2. Call
  3. Dream Orphans
  4. Mercyland
  5. The Mercy of Women
  6. Another Breath
  7. Mercy
  8. Succumb
  9. Forgivination
  10. Rings