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In 1992, Fluffy released their sophomore release Go, Fluffy, Go! Although their debut was mostly straightforward west coast punk, Go, Fluffy, Go! found Fluffy forging a new more diverse musical path. The album is full of sludgy fuzzed-out garage rock, with heavy stylistic leanings toward the music of bands like Melvins, Flipper and Bleach-era Nirvana. There is plenty of humor in the mix here, too. The band wrote most of the lyrics by passing a notebook around line-by-line, trying in earnest to embarrass the vocalist. (And don’t forget the amazing cover of “Jessie’s Girl”!)

Within a year of the album’s release, their record label folded and the album disappeared from store shelves. Lost in Ohio is excited to be bringing it back! Band guitarist Christopher Colbert, now an accomplished studio engineer, has remastered the album and it sounds better than ever. The album is available now in limited-edition translucent pink vinyl (sorry, now sold out!) and digital download.


  1. Little Finger Eye
  2. Guitars, Guns & Girls
  3. Not Easy Being Me
  4. Traci
  5. Hulaville
  6. Amboy Bound
  7. Kiki Wombauk
  8. Jessie’s Girl
  9. Princess
  10. Crystal
  11. White Trash
  12. Little Finger Eye, Coda