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Accidents happen, you know?

From time to time we receive shipments of inventory in less than perfect shape. We’ve kind of just kept these sitting on our shelves, without much of a plan. So now we’re making these available to you our loyal customer! Use the drop-down list on this page to browse our current inventory of “Scratch & Dent” goods. Each of these will come with a cosmetic flaw in the packaging but will contain a record that has been just waiting for you to take it home and give it a spin!

All Scratch & Dent goods are offered strictly on an “as-is” basis! We guarantee they’ll play just fine on your turntable, but we also guarantee the packaging will be less than perfect! (Most of them will still be in the VG/VG+ range though!)

All Scratch & Dent records are 50% OFF their normal list price. Enjoy the tunes!