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The Julies release second new single “My Heaven Is a Dance Floor”

On the heels of their first release in more than 20 years – the single “Symmetry” – comes another dose of evidence that The Julies are keen on making up for lost time. Exhibit B, as it were, is the dreamy new single, “My Heaven Is a Dance Floor.”

Shifting from the warm, drenching guitars of “Symmetry” to a jangly interplay that somehow recalls both The Cure and The Smiths at their dream-poppiest, the song seems written for an indie disco in the clouds.

No surprise then that the song is inspired by memories of the dance party that was singer Chris Newkirk’s wedding reception as well as years of indie and alternative dance nights. According to Chris, the single is “sort of an imagining of an inclusive, celebratory afterlife akin to our best moments on the dance floor.”

Underpinning the cloud-high work of guitarists Alex Yost and Patrick Zbyszewski is a chugging, danceable bass line from co-producer Kyle Pulley (formerly of Thin Lips). Because you gotta have that bass if you’re going to get your dance on. Even in the afterlife.

The Julies’ new single “My Heaven Is a Dance Floor” is out today on Spotify, Bandcamp or wherever you stream good music.